How To redesign Your Website?

This is one of the situations that website owners find most challenging to address.

You must have created a website for your business a few years ago and it would have looked fabulous back then. Maybe, not so much now.

You see, web design trends, graphic design trends and logo design trends are constantly changing. It means that as a website owner, you have to keep up.

Luckily, unlike the other industries, the web design industry is very open when it comes to sharing their knowledge and experience.

We are aware that it is better to do something perfectly than to do nothing perfectly.

These re-design website case studies are a great way to find out the design method of an agency and in the process, it also helps designers and developers to learn from each other.

We hope that these website redesign case studies will inspire you to reinvent your digital presence.

So, let’s find out how to deliver a delightful browsing experience to users.

This case study will give you an idea on how to give a visual facelift for a website and optimize the user experience for the most visited pages. The recommendations and inputs will help you get an idea on how to build the basis of a responsive website.

Before website redesign

redesign website 3

After redesign website

redesign website 3

Improve overall site architecture and navigation
The objective of the redesign website case study was to enable easier browsing, and to help users find relevant content easily.

Before website redesign

redesign website 1

After redesign website

redesign website 2

What we learned from these best website redesign ideas and case studies?

  • Design methodologies vary according to the project and what the business wants to achieve. A standard or pre-planned methodology should not be followed
  • When presented with a new brief, every designer will refer to their own research method
  • Redesign projects must define the current difficulties a user faces when browsing the website.
  • Features should be clearly explained with a visual mockup when presenting to the client
  • Never make assumptions
Winding up our top website redesign ideas and case studies

Changes are scary.

It can be even more daunting if the current website design is liked by the users. But from time-to-time, a website redesign is required to evolve and to keep up with latest trends.

Also, it is important not to be afraid of negative feedback. The only thing that matter is how the website redesign affects the online success of your company. So partner with the right designing agency to avoid design related mishaps.

If you want to get an idea on how to redesign your website, let’s talk.