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There’s absolutely no point in changing your website unless you want to make it different – it can be up to date with Google algorithm or revamp the website to a new and trendy graphic design,  –  anyway it should emphasize your company’s strengths, and reflect your core business values, adding to your landing page enough CTA – Call To Action button to get more sales to your business.

In other words, when we talk about website redesign, we factor in prototyping and realignment with business and marketing goals as a vital part of the process.

A successful website redesign project should  include factors of realignment.

Discuss with your team these factors before starting a website redesign project:

redesign website successful one
redesign website successful two

Why Choose Us?

To many unsuspecting users, a website redesign looks just like a face lift. Nothing more, nothing less. And for our users, that is how it should be.

But for the UX designer, the website redesign process means something much more and involves a lot of creative thinking, iterating, meticulous planning and endless coffee.

Much of UX design is stuff that’s done behind the scenes which people take for granted.

Your user will just see the finished product and will never come across the mountain of work it took to get there.

Nobody is thinking about how long your team labored over the position of the call-to-action button

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